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  • What are the manufacturing process characteristics of automotive stamping parts of compression valve cover?

    2021-09-21 10:57:27
    While the car brings us great convenience, have we paid attention to some of its parts? As one of the important parts in the automobile - compression valve cover automobile stamping parts, its manufacturing method must be paid little attention. Today, let's briefly introduce the manufacturing focus of this product.
  • From what aspects can we distinguish automotive stamping parts and castings?

    2021-09-14 10:54:18
    Stamping parts are made by an efficient production method - stamping. In the whole process, the material can deform without being damaged, so as to form the shape and size we need. The casting is different. It is formed by casting liquid metal. Although it can also meet the requirements of shape and size, various forms of materials will change in this process.
  • What are the uses of stamping parts in automobile?

    2021-09-07 08:34:58
    Everyone in the automotive industry should know that stamping parts are an important part of this industry. According to the data on the Internet, there are about 1500 stamping machines on average on each vehicle. In addition to some large panels that we can see directly, they also include a lot of side walls, underframes, doors and cover plates.
  • What are the problems that should be paid attention to when purchasing automobile stamping parts?

    2021-08-31 08:32:26
    In fact, there are many kinds of automobile stamping parts. Only a small part is special metal stamping parts, and most of the others are standard metal stamping parts. It is precisely because the automobile has very high requirements for quality and reliability, so the automobile stamping parts produced in China can not all reach the localization level.
  • What kind of instrument can be selected to test the hardness of materials used in automobile stamping parts?

    2021-08-24 08:30:24
    There are many ways to test the performance of materials used in a stamping part. For its hardness testing, Rockwell hardness tester is more used. It can accurately measure the accuracy of stamping parts and judge whether they are qualified. Is this measuring instrument really so easy to use?
  • Do you know the secret of keeping auto parts long?

    2021-08-17 08:28:07
    The production and selection of auto parts can not be careless. If the product quality is not guaranteed, it will not only damage the vehicle, but also have potential safety hazards. The following are familiar auto parts, which are also prone to counterfeit products. We must master this.
  • How to ensure the safety of lathe in the process of making automobile stamping parts?

    2021-08-10 08:23:40
    Automobile stamping parts are processed by punch. In the whole process, the operation of lathe equipment is very key. If it is not grasped properly, it will not only affect the forming quality of stamping parts, but also damage the equipment. The key is that the safety of staff can not be guaranteed. Therefore, the operation requirements of lathe equipment for stamping parts processing will be brought to you.
  • What are the key points in the forming process of automobile stamping parts?

    2021-08-03 08:30:49
    If you carefully observe the produced automobile stamping parts, you will find that there are concave convex on the product surface, which affects the quality of the whole workpiece. To improve this situation, we must first find the root of the problem before we can formulate relevant solutions. Stamping manufacturers have also realized the seriousness of this problem, so they have begun to improve.
  • What are the elements of the turbocharging system of automobile parts?

    2021-07-27 10:11:19
    As a means of transportation, cars have been popularized in our life, and sometimes we will pay attention to the performance of cars, but we should not have a comprehensive understanding of auto parts.
  • How to deal with the leftover materials of automobile stamping parts after processing?

    2021-07-20 09:58:39
    As a means of transportation, automobile has been popularized in people's life. No matter what brand or model of automobile, there will always be more or less problems in the process of driving, and a large part of them is the damage of automobile stamping parts. It can be seen that automotive stamping parts will directly affect the driving performance of the car, so it is necessary to select and match high-quality automotive stamping parts.
  • How to design the positioning device in the machining of automobile stamping parts?

    2021-07-13 09:52:18
    Stamping parts must be familiar to everyone, and in our impression, the price of stamping parts is relatively high, mainly because of the high cost. What good way can we reduce the cost of stamping parts?
  • What's our principle when we buy automobile stamping parts?

    2021-07-06 09:17:40
    Whether the protective layer of parts is damaged: when the automobile stamping parts are delivered, the general manufacturer will apply a protective layer on its surface. We usually have piston pins, and the bearing shells are protected by paraffin. However, the cylinder liner and piston ring will be coated with rust proof oil and wrapped with special paper for packaging. For example, piston valves must be soaked in rust proof oil in advance, Then wrap in plastic bags. If we find that the sealing sleeve is broken or the packing paper is damaged and paraffin and rust proof oil are not in good condition, we should apply for return and replacement with the manufacturer immediately.
  • Is the development principle of automotive stamping parts in China low cost and high quality?

    2021-06-29 09:15:23
    The automobile industry should know that stamping parts are an important part of the industry. Data on the Internet show that there are about 1500 stamping machines on each vehicle. Besides some relatively large covers that we can see directly, many side walls, underframe, doors and covers are included.
  • What's the reason why China's auto parts industry can't develop?

    2021-06-22 09:07:17
    In recent years, China has maintained a rapid development momentum in the automotive industry, and the auto parts will also have a large-scale development. How to promote the economic growth of local governments, the key is how to build the industrial park of automobile parts and effectively promote the means of industrial aggregation. If we want to develop and invest in large scale, it will bring about a large-scale advance in the sales and output value of automobile parts.
  • What are the skills of using spark plugs for auto parts?

    2021-06-15 16:02:37
    We know a lot about auto parts, so we are a little familiar with the secret of making the service life of auto parts longer. You may as well pay attention to it, which will help to maintain the safety and stability of the car.
  • How to improve the stability of automobile stamping die?

    2021-06-08 16:00:51
    No matter where the stamping parts are used, the manufacturing principle is the same, which depends on the action of press and die to make the material plastic deformation or separation, and finally obtain the desired shape and size of the workpiece. It seems that the whole process is not complicated, but if we do not grasp it well, there will be error problems, so we should try our best to overcome these problems.
  • What is the improvement way of stamping parts quality problem in automobile industry?

    2021-06-01 15:58:38
    Every part of the car has its corresponding service life. Because they will be affected by various factors in use, the service life of automobile parts may be shortened.
  • How to deal with the split problem of automotive stamping parts?

    2021-05-25 15:56:18
    Stamping parts are obtained under the action of impact pressure, so there will be certain deformation, size, shape and other aspects of the corresponding deformation. For stamping parts, sheet metal, die and equipment are three indispensable elements in the forming process, which play a vital role in the forming quality of stamping parts.
  • What is the inspection method of defects and hardness of automotive stamping parts?

    2021-05-18 15:54:40
    At the same time, some basic principles are put forward to ensure the perfect forming of stamping parts. At the same time, it is also to improve the work and reduce the production cost. What are the specific issues?
  • What's the difference between metal mould and automobile stamping mould for raw materials?

    2021-05-11 15:52:17
    Cold stamping of stamping parts, in terms of professional terms, refers to the use of press on the punch to apply certain pressure on the material, to make it separate or plastic deformation, so as to obtain the desired finished products. In general, punching and bending are two processes, which are punching first and bending, so as to process the CNC punch. However, in some special cases, it is necessary to bend before punching.
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