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How to correctly clean automotive hardware stamping parts?
2022-06-14 16:00:57

When it comes to metal stamping, I believe that many mechanical, automotive, electronic, hardware and other industries have been applied. Metal stamping can make products better formed, but we need to clean them after stamping every time. Many businesses want to know how to clean metal automotive stamping parts after stamping.

1. The purpose of cleaning metal stamping parts is naturally to be clean. The selection of cleaning fluid needs to select different cleaning fluid according to the cleaning object. The cleaning fluid includes water-based cleaning fluid and solvent-based cleaning fluid. At present, water-based cleaning fluid is more and more widely used: alkaline, neutral or acidic degreasing fluid can be used for oil removal; Weak acids such as phosphoric acid can be used to clean rust and scale.

2. Hydrocarbon hardware cleaning agent has good effect of removing oil and grease, and has corrosion inhibition effect on steel and other metals. When cleaning, it has no corrosion to equipment, copper, stainless steel and other assemblies of different materials, and the operation is simple, safe and reliable.

Automobile stamping parts

3. The main methods of degreasing and degreasing hardware and metal include: organic solvent method, chemical method, electrochemical method, water-based cleaning agent cleaning method, etc. the commonly used organic solvent trichloroethylene can not completely remove the polishing wax, especially the metal oxides, carbides and polishing materials on the metal surface can not be effectively cleaned; Trichloroethylene not only has great toxicity, but also has the trend of hydrolysis when used improperly. It is corrosive to metals under wet conditions.

Through the above introduction, I believe everyone has understood that hydrocarbon hardware cleaning agent emulsifies the molecular structure of various condensate, grease and oil scale with unique chemical action, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly and thoroughly removing heavy oil scale. When selecting cleaning solution, we should select the corresponding cleaning agent according to the nature of our products.


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