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How to correctly store auto parts and replacement requirements?
2021-11-09 16:09:09

All auto parts shall be stored in warehouse or covered dry site, free from harmful gas erosion and influence, well ventilated, and shall not be stored together with chemicals and acid-base materials.

The warehouse for storage shall keep the relative humidity no more than 75% and the temperature within the range of 20 ~ 30 ℃. Rubber products, especially human rubber, shall be stored in a special warehouse that can keep the ambient temperature no more than 25 degrees to ensure safety.

For electrical accessories, rubber accessories and glass accessories, because these accessories have small self weight and belong to light throwing materials, they cannot be collided and pressed, otherwise the working performance of these accessories will be inaccurate, deformed or broken. Therefore, special warehouses shall be set up for storage, and attention shall be paid to the safety of accessories during stacking.

Auto parts

If the storage period of the engine assembly exceeds half a year, it must be maintained; One way is to remove the spark plug (gasoline engine) or fuel injector (diesel engine) from the cylinder head and inject a little vehicle oil into the screw hole, so as to maintain a good lubricating oil film on the friction pair parts in the cylinder and prevent rust due to long-term oil shortage. For more than one year, in addition to the above maintenance, add engine oil into the cylinder, start the starter with the battery and drive the crankshaft to rotate for several seconds to make the lubricating oil film more thoroughly and evenly coated on the cylinder wall of the piston stroke, and then screw on the spark plug or fuel injector.

For storage of storage battery, excessive overlap and collision shall be prevented to prevent damage of electrode and cover due to heavy pressure, and attention shall be paid to the sealing of electrolyte filling plug to prevent invasion of humid air. As for the storage of polar plates, the warehouse shall be kept dry. The storage period is generally 6 months and must be strictly controlled.

For accessories such as cork paper, felt oil seal and velvet or tweed door and window fillets with a storage period of more than half a year, in addition to keeping the storage site dry, camphor balls shall be placed in the packing box of felt oil seal or tweed groove to prevent mildew and moth.

Key points for replacement of auto parts:

(1) Sealant shall be used as much as possible, and paint can be used instead when necessary to achieve ideal sealing effect.

(2) The appearance quality of rubber seals shall be carefully checked before assembly; Press fit with special tools to avoid knocking and deformation.

(3) Add lubricating grease as required, and clean and dredge the vent hole and check valve regularly.

(4) Assemble under extremely clean conditions, and the working surface of the parts shall be free of bumps, scratches, burrs and other attachments.

(5) The operating procedures shall be strictly followed, and the seals shall be installed correctly to prevent deformation if they are not in place.

(6) Master the performance specifications and use requirements of seals, and replace failed parts in time.

(7) For side cover thin-walled parts, cold metal plate shall be used for correction; Easily worn shaft hole parts can adopt metal spraying, welding repair, adhesive, machining and other processes to reach the original size.

(8) If the nut sliding wire is broken or loose, repair or replace it with a new one, and screw it to the specified torque.


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