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What about the classification and development of precision stamping technology?
2020-06-23 17:10:28

The application of fine blanking technology for precision automobile stamping parts in some factories with simple shape, partial fine blanking, small size and small output, and no special fine blanking equipment can also obtain good technical and economic benefits, it has a good future. 1. Fine blanking technology of common press 

1. TRIMMING —— Using a special trimming die to trim the blanking and punching blanks to obtain straight, smooth and high precision punching surfaces, including: Outer Edge Repair, inner hole repair, stack repair, vibration repair and so on. 

2. Smooth blanking To obtain smooth and flat high-precision punching section. The commonly used blanking processes are: micro-clearance round edge smooth blanking, negative clearance smooth blanking, step punch fine punching, synchronous shearing fine punching, extrusion fine punching and no burr punching, etc. . 

Precision blanking technology of special fine blanking machine 1. Powerful pressure plate  It includes: The fine blanking technology with V type gear ring and the less used fine blanking method with saw-tooth type, cone type and convex type. 2. Using the principle of plane cutting, the pair punch and the die are punched according to the prescribed degree. 

Automobile stamping

It is a fine blanking technology invented by Japanese in 1968 and has been popularized in Japan. It is also used in China, but it has not been popularized. 3. Repetitive motion and reciprocating motion —— not widely used. In the production of all kinds of mechanical and electrical and household appliance stamping parts, there are limited kinds of stamping parts which are needed and can be finished as a whole. And there are quite a number of parts only need local fine blanking, especially as long as fine blanking its group Hole, group slot hole a small part, the application of ordinary press fine blanking technology is more economical; For the parts with high precision hole shape and hole distance, no burr and smooth inner shape or part shape of punching section, it can have smooth punching to meet the requirements.


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