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What are the problems that should be paid attention to when purchasing automobile stamping parts?
2021-08-31 08:32:26

In fact, there are many kinds of automobile stamping parts. Only a small part is special metal stamping parts, and most of the others are standard metal stamping parts. It is precisely because the automobile has very high requirements for quality and reliability, so the automobile stamping parts produced in China can not all reach the localization level. Nowadays, there are many special hardware stamping machines for cars, such as cylinder head bolts, tire bolts, connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, special bolts for power transmission machinery and chassis suspension bolts, some of which still need to use inlet. However, from the current development trend, China should also have its own hardware stamping machine products for our own use. In the future development of automobile stamping machine, we must be based on our country, but the first thing is to meet certain requirements for working performance and technology.

Automobile stamping parts

With the continuous improvement of die manufacturing technology in recent years, China's manufacturing industry in stamping die is becoming more and more sophisticated, and slowly catching up with some developed countries. The main content of development is that the sustainable development of products is moving towards the direction of complex, large-scale, precise and rapid economic development, and the technology is also constantly improving, Second, the manufacturing cycle is much shorter than before, so China's automotive stamping parts will certainly develop towards digital, high-speed, information, automation and refinement. It is also because the price of stamping parts and molds produced in China is lower than that in other developed countries, so our development in the international market is still very popular.

1. Complete trademark identification: regular automobile stamping parts should have clear handwriting on the outer packaging, the packaging should be intact, and the color of overprint should also be very bright. The packaging box and bag should be clearly marked with the specification and model, registered trademark, product name, quantity, factory name and address, telephone number and other important information. Some formal manufacturers will engrave their own logo on their own accessories. Some particularly important equipment, such as distributor, generator and fuel injection pump, must be equipped with certificate, operation manual and inspector's seal, which can correctly guide customers to use and maintain the equipment. Therefore, we must carefully distinguish when purchasing, so as not to buy fake and shoddy products.

2. The integrity of the combined parts: generally, the parts will collide and vibrate due to the storage and handling process, resulting in cracks, indentations, burrs and other adverse conditions at the combined parts, which will affect the use effect of the parts in the future. So be sure to check carefully when purchasing.

3. Whether there is rust on the surface of auto parts: we all know that the surface of qualified auto stamping parts has both precision and bright finish. For users, the more important the parts are, the higher the precision will be. It is more important and strict to pay attention to rust prevention and corrosion prevention during packaging. Pay special attention to this when purchasing outside. If this situation is found, be sure to contact the manufacturer in time for return and exchange.

4. Whether the protective layer of parts is damaged: generally, manufacturers will apply a protective layer on the surface of automotive stamping parts when they leave the factory. We commonly have piston pins, and the bearing shells are protected with paraffin. However, the surface of cylinder liners and piston rings will be coated with antirust oil and wrapped with special packaging paper. For example, piston valves must be soaked in antirust oil in advance, And then packed in plastic bags. If we find that the sealing sleeve is broken or the packaging paper is damaged, and the paraffin and antirust oil are not in good condition, we should immediately apply to the manufacturer for return and exchange.

5. Whether the rotating parts are flexible: when purchasing automobile stamping parts, such as oil pump and other rotating parts, we should first rotate the lower pump shaft by hand to feel whether it is flexible. When purchasing rolling bearings, we should first support the inner ring of the bearing with one hand and rotate the outer ring with the other hand. If the outer ring can rotate freely and quickly, Then it will stop slowly, which means there is no problem. If inflexibility is found in the process of rotation, it must be the internal deformation or corrosion of the parts, which must not be purchased.

6. Inspection of the whole part: since it is called the whole part, it must be that all parts are complete, because only in this way can we ensure normal operation and complete assembly in the early stage. It is inevitable that there will be individual small parts in the whole part, but if the small parts are lost due to our negligence in inspection, the whole part will not work and be scrapped.


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