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What are the uses of stamping parts in automobile?
2021-09-07 08:34:58

Everyone in the automotive industry should know that stamping parts are an important part of this industry. According to the data on the Internet, there are about 1500 stamping machines on average on each vehicle. In addition to some large panels that we can see directly, they also include a lot of side walls, underframes, doors and cover plates.

In recent years, China has successively introduced many new models, and some old models are constantly updating, which has increased the production scale of auto parts in China, so the demand for auto stamping parts is also expanding. So next, we should focus on how to improve the development speed of automotive stamping parts, which must be towards the improvement of the production system of stamping parts.

Automobile stamping parts

Especially in recent years, some private automobile stamping parts manufacturers in China have developed rapidly in this area, and the product specifications are quite complete. Generally, the relatively small stamping parts required by cars on the market can be completed independently, and the cost of equipment and labor has been greatly reduced, This meets our initial requirements and has a better cost performance. The international competition of automotive stamping parts is still very fierce. Some state-owned companies have obtained many international system certification.

Generally, when selecting automotive stamping materials, we should first consider the characteristics and application range of stamping types, and select metal materials with different mechanical properties according to different situations. Only in this way can we effectively ensure the quality of products on the one hand, and effectively save the use of materials on the other hand.

In general, when purchasing automotive stamping materials, we should pay attention to the following points:

1、 The first thing to consider is whether the material we choose has good economic properties.

2、 Secondly, when purchasing automotive stamping materials, we should first see whether they can meet the performance requirements of common automotive parts in the market.

3、 Then, the material selected in China must have special process properties.


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