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From what aspects can we distinguish automotive stamping parts and castings?
2021-09-14 10:54:18

Stamping parts are made by an efficient production method - stamping. In the whole process, the material can deform without being damaged, so as to form the shape and size we need. The casting is different. It is formed by casting liquid metal. Although it can also meet the requirements of shape and size, various forms of materials will change in this process.

Moreover, in terms of product quality, stamping can produce workpieces with stiffeners, ribs, undulations and flanging, which can not be achieved by other processes. Moreover, due to the high precision of the die used, the automotive stamping parts also have the characteristics of high repetition precision and consistent specifications. In addition, the hardness testing of stamping parts and casting products is also obtained in different ways. It can be seen that there are essential differences between the two.

Automobile stamping parts

In fact, the six "refinements" of stamping gold mainly refer to precision, exquisite, precision, precision, fine and high-quality products. Precision requires that in the blanking process of stamping parts, we should know how to use molds to accurately integrate the characteristics of each product into the production process, so that each process can play its due effect.

Exquisite is put forward for the quality of stamping parts, which is generally obtained through the finishing process; When all parameters are considered carefully, the public welfare calculation can be accurate and the products with precision in all aspects can be obtained; In order to ensure the stamping quality and reduce the waste of materials, it is necessary to make an early estimate of production with an accurate budget before processing.

There are certain standards for the precision of stamping parts in the industry. What we have to do is not only to meet this standard, but to surpass it. When all the above can be realized, we believe it will be a high-quality stamping part.


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