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  • How to use lubricating oil correctly in automobile sheet metal processing?

    2022-05-24 17:03:32
    In the automobile sheet metal processing industry, the use of lubricating oil is very important, because the proper application of lubricating oil to the machine can make it use longer. The application of lubricating oil during production can help better production, but it should be noted that the application method and lubrication method of lubricating oil, because improper use will not work and may have the opposite effect, Let's take automobile lubrication as an example to introduce you to the three misunderstandings in the use of lubricating oil.
  • How to control the quality of automobile sheet metal parts?

    2022-05-17 17:01:08
    Sheet metal processing is the key technology that sheet metal technicians need to master, and it is also an important process for the formation of sheet metal products. Automobile sheet metal parts include not only the traditional cutting and blanking, blanking, bending forming and other methods and process parameters, but also various cold stamping die structures and process parameters, various equipment working principles and operation methods, as well as new stamping technology and new process.
  • In addition to the automotive industry, which industries are sheet metal processing used in?

    2022-05-10 16:59:07
    Sheet metal craftsmen are also called sheet metal processing. Specifically, for example, sheet metal is used to make iron drums, oil tanks, oil pots, ventilation pipes, elbow heads, Tianyuan places, funnel shapes, etc. the main processes of automobile sheet metal parts are cutting, bending, edge buckle, bending forming and welding, which requires certain geometric knowledge. Sheet metal parts are sheet metal parts, which can be processed by stamping, bending, stretching and other means. A general definition is the parts with constant thickness in the processing process.
  • Analysis of precautions for cleaning and assembly of automobile sheet metal parts

    2022-04-26 16:49:57
    After the automobile sheet metal parts are repaired or repaired, the next process is very important, that is, cleaning. Do a good job in cleaning, and the automobile body will take on a new look. So how to clean it? Xiaobian, let me share my method.
  • What is the difference between automotive hardware stamping parts and castings?

    2022-04-19 16:46:03
    The main material of metal stamping dies is die steel (including tool steel and high-speed steel), and sometimes hard alloy is used. Metal stamping dies are usually required to have high hardness and wear resistance, and heat treatment is essential. Rockwell hardness tester is mainly used to test the hardness of various cold rolled steel plates used for metal stamping processing.
  • What are the design principles of metal stamping parts for auto parts?

    2022-04-12 09:18:45
    As we all know, there are hundreds of kinds of parts, large and small, on cars, and metal stamping parts of auto parts account for a large part. Metal stamping of auto parts is a production technology of product parts with the help of the power of conventional or special stamping equipment to make the sheet directly subject to the deformation force and deform in the die, so as to obtain a certain shape, size and performance. In order to obtain good stamping products, we must do a good job in the design before stamping.
  • What are the material selection requirements for metal stamping parts of auto parts?

    2022-04-05 09:16:43
    Metal stamping parts of auto parts are a very important part of auto structure. In medium and heavy vehicles, most covering parts such as body outer plate, and some load-bearing and supporting parts, such as frame, carriage and other auto parts are metal stamping parts of auto parts. What aspects should be done when selecting materials for this product?
  • What are the methods to prevent the damage of automotive hardware stamping parts?

    2022-03-29 09:08:01
    Metal stamping parts are now very common in China, and there are countless large and small manufacturers. Metal stamping parts in the stamping process, if you do not pay attention, the surface is easy to be damaged, so how to solve this problem?
  • Do you know the processing precautions of automobile stamping parts?

    2022-03-22 09:05:15
    Stamping and drawing oil belongs to metal processing oil, which is suitable for ultra-high strength tensile forming, pipe drawing stamping forming, punching, shearing, broaching, etc. Stamping and drawing oil is divided into water-soluble stamping and drawing oil, metal stamping and drawing oil and aluminum stamping and drawing oil.
  • Analyze the processing of automobile stamping parts and effectively improve the fineness of parts

    2022-03-15 17:02:57
    With the continuous reform and development of the industrialized industry, users have more and more proportion in stamping parts processing, and the processing function in the mechanical aspect pays more attention to the standardization of cost and application. The quality of stamping technology directly affects the subsequent production and input components. Compared with the traditional processing, the new form of stamping processing has higher production efficiency and has more advantages in the use of operation functions, especially the parts with uniform quality and high strength have stronger ribs.
  • How to correctly deal with the anti-corrosion problem of automobile stamping parts?

    2022-03-08 16:50:41
    Precision stamping dies can be classified into three categories as follows: Engineering die: also known as "single process Die", which refers to the die that can only complete one stamping process in one stroke of stamping. After the completion of this project, the product needs to be taken out of the mold manually or by manipulator, and then put into the mold at the next station to continue production. The whole product is not completed until the next process of the mold is completed. Mold maintenance is simple, but production is time-consuming and laborious, requires more labor and time costs, and the product scrap rate is high.
  • How to ensure the reasonable material selection of automotive stamping parts?

    2022-03-01 16:49:08
    Stamping part is a forming and processing method of applying external force to plate, strip, pipe and profile by press and die to produce plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the workpiece (stamping part) with required shape and size. Automotive stamping parts mean that stamping and forging belong to plastic processing (or pressure processing), collectively known as forging. The billets for stamping are mainly hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel plates and strips.
  • How to distinguish the authenticity of automotive stamping parts and accessories?

    2022-02-22 16:47:29
    Stamping parts processing technology is more and more widely used. Many accessories, including tools, are stamped by machines. For example, the lampshade of an automobile, we all know that the shape of the lampshade is oval. This shape of accessories is not easy to produce. It can be well realized by stamping technology.
  • What are the factors restricting the development of auto parts industry?

    2022-02-15 16:46:04
    Although the steady development of China's auto parts industry in recent years has laid a foundation for the development of the auto parts industry, and from the development prospect of the auto industry, it is expected to maintain a stable growth trend in the next few years, which will provide a broad space for China's auto parts industry, the future development of the industry is still faced with low industry concentration The core technology of key parts of domestic enterprises is immature and the industry's research and development ability is weak, which is mainly reflected in the following three weak links:
  • The importance of sheet metal technology in automotive sheet metal repair?

    2022-01-25 16:44:31
    The application of sheet metal technology in all walks of life has brought us a lot of convenience. In addition to the use of daily sheet metal products such as various sheet metal parts, sheet metal chassis and cabinets, sheet metal technology has also been actually applied to many aspects in life. Automobile sheet metal repair is an important part.
  • How to improve the quality of automobile sheet metal parts maintenance?

    2022-01-18 08:42:24
    Sheet metal processing is sometimes also used for metal drawing. The word comes from English platemetal. Generally, some metal sheets are pressed by hand or die to produce plastic deformation to form the desired shape and size, and more complex parts can be formed by welding or a small amount of mechanical processing, such as chimneys and tin furnaces commonly used in families, And the car shell is made of sheet metal.
  • What are the methods to identify the painting quality of automobile body parts?

    2022-01-11 16:40:15
    1、 Check the drying quality of the paint film Press the paint surface with your fingers to see if there are obvious hand lines, which prove that the paint film is not dry
  • What are the reasons for the strip of trimming die for automobile stamping parts?

    2022-01-04 09:50:42
    For the trimming sequence die of stamping parts, it is easy to have the upper die clamp with material in the commissioning stage. The main reasons are as follows:
  • What is the importance of layout of automobile stamping parts?

    2021-12-28 09:49:15
    In the cost of automobile stamping parts, the material cost is about more than 60%. Therefore, the economic utilization of materials is of great significance. Layout refers to the layout of parts on strip or sheet.
  • Do you know what industries stamping will be applied to?

    2021-12-21 09:47:42
    Because the stamping process has the characteristics of stable quality, good interchangeability, good rigidity and high efficiency, it is widely used in various fields. Stamping processing is available in aerospace, machinery, electronic information, transportation, weapons, daily electrical appliances and light industry. It is not only widely used in the industry, but also has an inevitable connection with stamping products in everyone's daily life. Stamping can produce micro precision parts in clocks and instruments, as well as large covering parts of automobiles and aircraft.
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