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  • How to deal with the exterior layer of automobile sheet metal correctly?

    2020-05-26 17:02:21
    Many car owners think that the body parts still need to be painted with the same color as the original car, so they will ignore the painting process of the body parts when choosing the body parts, which is irrelevant, but this idea is not correct. In order to prevent oxidation and corrosion, the body parts need to be painted before leaving the factory. Indeed, the painting link after replacing the body parts can not only color them, but also protect and prevent oxidation. However, if it is a small factory body parts, the painting treatment during production has uneven adsorption and foaming, which will affect the effect of post painting In the process of using, it is easy to fall off, lead to corrosion, affect and damage the quality of sheet metal parts.
  • How to use lubricating oil correctly in automobile sheet metal processing?

    2019-05-31 17:27:21
    In the automobile sheet metal processing industry, the use of lubricating oil is very important, because proper lubricating oil can make the machine use longer, lubricating oil during production can help better production, but it should be noted that the use of lubricating oil and lubricating methods, because improper use not only will not play a role may play the opposite role. As a result, we will take the lubrication of automobiles as an example to show you three major misconceptions in the use of lubricants.
  • What are the adaptability requirements of modern automotive stamping process?

    2019-05-31 17:24:24
    Stamping process is one of the processing methods to complete metal plastic forming. External forces are usually exerted on sheets, strips, pipes and profiles by press and die to produce plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the required shape and size of the workpiece.
  • What are the basic processes of automobile stamping?

    2019-05-31 17:21:10
    Stamping is a method of forming and processing parts (stamping parts) with required shape and size by applying external force to sheet, strip, pipe and profile by press and die to produce plastic deformation or separation. Stamping and forging belong to plastic processing (or pressure processing), which is called forging. Stamping blanks are mainly hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheets and strips.
  • What are the requirements for bending parts in stamping process of automobile hardware?

    2019-05-31 17:08:21
    Whether the die used for metal stamping parts is elastic pressure unloading plate or fixed unloading plate depends on the unloading force, and material thickness is the main factor to be considered. With the increase of elastic force of elastic components used in die (e.g. rectangular spring), the unloading force of elastic discharging plate is greatly enhanced. Hardware stamping is a method of forming and processing parts (stamping parts) with required shape and size by applying external force to sheets, strips, pipes and profiles by press and die to produce plastic deformation or separation.
  • What are the common problems in stamping of automobile sheet metal parts?

    2019-05-31 17:06:01
    Automobile sheet metal is a comprehensive cold processing technology for sheet metal (usually less than 6mm), including shearing, punching/cutting/composite, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as automobile body), etc. Its remarkable feature is that the thickness of the same part is the same. The products processed by sheet metal process are called sheet metal parts. Sheet metal parts in different industries are generally different, and they are often used as appellations when assembling.
  • How to inspect and maintain automobile parts in time?

    2019-05-31 16:47:01
    Because the brake pads of automobile parts are consumables, the more driving kilometers, the worse the wear of the brake pads. When the wear reaches the critical point, it must be replaced.
  • How to solve the drying problem of automobile sheet metal parts in winter?

    2019-05-31 16:15:58
    In winter, a car-mounted electric heating cup is indispensable. In winter, unlike getting off the shelf, you can always choose a bottle of mineral water. When cold water is drunk, the stomach will suffer. Especially, the car owners who have stomach diseases need to pay more attention to it. The car parts electric cup lets you enjoy the steaming water at any time. The water you carry does not need to worry about what to do after cooling, but also lets you avoid it as far as possible. No fire, daily travel, but indispensable.
  • Why is the quality of domestic auto parts industry worrying?

    2019-05-31 16:13:17
    Why is the quality of domestic auto parts industry worrying? At present, domestic automobile parts suppliers generally adopt the "drawing processing" mode, that is, automobile manufacturers provide product data and drawings to suppliers, the latter manufacture according to drawings; in the same case, the difference should be in the use of materials and manufacturing process.
  • How to judge the quality of a car sheet metal?

    2019-05-31 16:05:47
    Generally speaking, we can judge from two aspects: body and surface panels. Next, let's say one by one, but there's one thing to note. Here's the method you can use as an ordinary car buyer to go to 4S shop. Because it doesn't involve special tools, it's not professional, but you can generally understand the quality of automobile sheet metal parts by virtue of them.
  • What aspects should we judge the quality of automobile sheet metal parts?

    2019-05-31 15:42:56
    First of all, it is easy to neglect whether there are pockets on the surface of automobile sheet metal by hand, but it is also very important. After leaving the factory, the white body comes to the painting workshop through electrophoresis and other processes. At this time, the surface may have a small irregular bulge. In order to prevent it from affecting the spraying effect, the staff will do careful inspection and remove the defects with special tools. Of course, it may be because some of the judges'carelessness can not be found in time, then you need to touch it by yourself.


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