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  • What are the application scope and testing of automotive metal stamping parts?

    2023-01-10 08:44:39
    Special stamping enterprises. For example, the stamping of aviation parts belongs to this type of enterprise, but these craft factories are also classified into some large factories.
  • What is the relationship between automobiles and stamping parts?

    2023-01-03 08:42:41
    The automobile factory has 4 major processes (4 major workshops), namely the stamping workshop, welding workshop, painting workshop, and assembly workshop. Automobile stamping parts are produced in the stamping workshop. To give you an example, all the metal shells you see on the car shell are stamped parts. The basic principle is to use the steel plate as a designed and manufactured mold, and use a press according to the designed process (from 10 tons to 2000 tons) pressed into the required medium shape.
  • How to quickly remedy the damage of automobile tire parts?

    2022-12-27 08:40:41
    We all know that tires not only support the weight of the entire car body, but also absorb shocks and vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces during driving. The condition of tires directly affects the smooth driving, safety and fuel consumption of the car. If the tire is damaged during driving, such as a puncture or leakage caused by a foreign object puncturing the tire, not to mention the possible traffic accidents, it is enough to be unable to drive and delay on the road.
  • What should I do if the common parts of the car are damaged?

    2022-12-20 08:38:53
    It is better not to ask for help to repair the car, this is the voice of many car owners. Because only if you truly love your car, you will not be black-handed by some black car repairers. There are some commonly used auto parts on the car, which require the owner to have certain maintenance skills, so as not to be able to calmly deal with emergencies.
  • How to judge the quality of automobile sheet metal parts from the painting process?

    2022-12-13 08:37:11
    To distinguish the quality of automobile sheet metal parts, in general, we can start from many aspects such as packaging, weight, welding process, painting process, and the degree of fit when loading. It is very difficult for ordinary car owners to distinguish whether the sheet metal parts are of high quality after delivery of the car. You may wish to judge from the product packaging in advance: generally, the products produced by small factories will not print the contact information and factory address, while regular manufacturers In addition to contact information and factory address, there will also be steel seals, qualifications and inspection labels on the products. Even if consumers have problems in the future use, they can also have a way to protect their rights.
  • From what aspects should we judge the quality of automobile sheet metal parts?

    2022-12-06 16:33:43
    The first is to touch the surface of the car sheet metal with your hands to see if there are any pits. This is easily overlooked, but it is also very important. After leaving the factory, the body-in-white comes to the painting workshop through electrophoresis and other processes. At this time, there may be small irregular bumps on the surface. In order not to let them affect the spraying effect, the staff will do a careful inspection. The tool takes care of it. Of course, some defects may not be discovered in time due to the reviewer's sloppy, then you need to touch it yourself.
  • How to judge the quality of a car's sheet metal parts?

    2022-11-29 08:40:52
    In general, we can judge from two aspects: body and surface covering parts. Let's talk about it one by one, but one thing needs to be noted. Here are the methods that you can use when you go to the 4S store as an ordinary car buyer. Because it does not involve special tools, it is not professional. However, you can generally understand the quality of car sheet metal parts with them.
  • Why is the quality of domestic auto parts industry worried?

    2022-11-22 08:38:19
    At present, domestic auto parts suppliers generally adopt the mode of "processing according to drawings", that is, auto manufacturers provide product data and drawings to suppliers, and the latter manufactures according to the drawings; In the case of the same drawing, the difference should be in the use of materials and manufacturing process.
  • How to solve the problem of interior drying of automobile sheet metal parts in winter?

    2022-11-15 08:36:00
    In winter, there is no shortage of a car electric cup. It's not like getting off the shelf in winter. It's OK to buy a bottle of mineral water at any time. When you drink cold water, your stomach will suffer a lot. Especially for those of us who have stomach problems, you need to pay more attention. The car mounted electric cup of car parts allows you to enjoy hot water at any time. The water you carry with you doesn't need to worry about cooling down and don't know what to do. It also allows you to avoid getting caught on fire as much as possible. During daily travel, But it is indispensable.
  • How to inspect and maintain the auto parts in time?

    2022-11-08 08:33:27
    As the brake pads of auto parts are consumables, the brake pads wear more with more driving kilometers. When the wear reaches the critical point, it must be replaced. Generally speaking, under normal driving conditions, we should check the brake pads every 5000 km. In addition to checking the residual thickness, we also need to check the surface wear condition, such as whether there is a difference in the wear degree between the left and right sides, and whether the return is free.
  • Do you know what kinds of car seat cushions are?

    2022-11-01 08:31:27
    When choosing a seat cushion for auto parts, the first problem is the price. When you buy a seat cushion, you should always have a price in mind and choose to buy it according to your consumption ability. Then there is the problem of style. The car seat cushion you bought should match the style of your favorite car. If the best car seat cushion looks nondescript in the car, it would be better not to put it; The other thing is that the style should not be too fancy. It should be simple and generous to match your car. The second is the specifications of the seat cushions. Now there are many seat cushions in the market that are universal in all seasons. If your car chair is not too small or too large, the universal ones in the market can be used. However, there are also some companies that are producing special car seat cushions, and you can also choose the special ones for your own car.
  • Analysis on Flexible Application of Automobile Stamping Technology in Machinery Industry

    2022-10-25 15:29:16
    Valuable technical improvement and technical improvement are mainly reflected in the automatic transportation and automatic transmission device of automobile stamping parts, as well as in the automation of stamping equipment loading and the product oriented stamping production process. The conceptual distinction between traditional stamping and automation is a prerequisite for flexibility of stamping production process and product oriented stamping equipment configuration. The stamping equipment can be distinguished according to the transmission system in the stamping equipment, such as the comparison between the traditional cam driven mechanical transmission and the advanced swing arm transmission. In the traditional cam driven stamping equipment, the control cam of the stamping stroke is designed according to the stamping requirements of the workpiece. No matter how complex the workpiece is, the stamping machine moves according to the specified stroke of the cam, which ultimately leads to the same man hours spent in stamping simple workpieces as in stamping complex workpieces.
  • At present, the automobile manufacturing process is inseparable from the technology of stamping parts

    2022-10-18 09:00:39
    60%-70% of metal parts in automobile manufacturing need to be plastically formed. Stamping is an important means to complete metal plastic forming. It is one of the basic, traditional and important metal processing methods. Such as various covers on the body, interior supports, structural reinforcements, and a large number of auto parts, such as engine exhaust elbows and mufflers, hollow camshafts, oil pans, engine brackets, frame structures , transverse beams, etc., are all developed by stamping technology in the direction of precision, multi-functional, high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe and clean production. The manufacturing process level and quality of stamping workpieces have a large impact on the quality and cost of automobile manufacturing. have a direct impact.
  • What are the technical requirements for modern automotive stamping parts?

    2022-10-11 08:58:13
    The technical requirements of modern automotive stamping parts are developing in the direction of complex structure, increased block size, more components on related sides, increased bearing capacity and strict internal stress restrictions. This requires and promotes the development of special stamping forming technologies such as hydroforming, precision forming, explosive forming, spin forming, dieless forming, laser forming and electromagnetic forming.
  • Are there any requirements for general automotive sheet metal welds?

    2022-09-27 08:56:43
    Although the welding seam, welding point and repaired steel plate surface of automobile sheet metal parts have been polished and cleaned, there are still numerous minimally invasive and irregular small bumps that are invisible to the naked eye, which are mixed with countless oxides, impurities, water vapor, etc. . Ordinary putty or anti-rust paint has anti-rust function, but it can only prevent the intrusion of external rust and play a temporary sealing role. As long as it is exposed to moisture and other harsh environments, defects will appear quickly. Such as epoxy primer can play an effective protective role.
  • Do you know what needs to be paid attention to in the welding of auto parts underbody?

    2022-09-20 08:55:04
    On the upper surface of the underbody of the auto parts, the metal surface of the sheet metal components and welding parts must be polished and sprayed with anti-rust primer. After drying, paste the sound insulation lining or sound insulation pad of the same type of the original body to absorb the movement of the vehicle. vibration and noise.
  • The application of basic coating technology in the maintenance of automobile sheet metal parts?

    2022-09-13 16:52:25
    In fact, the basic coating process of automobile sheet metal parts is widely used in the whole process of body sheet metal repair. According to the author's experience in automobile sheet metal repair for many years, the specific application of basic coating technology in the repair and replacement of body sheet metal parts can be classified into the following categories:
  • What are the requirements for bending parts in the processing of automotive metal stamping parts?

    2022-09-06 08:57:11
    Whether the die used for metal stamping parts adopts the elastic unloading plate or the fixed unloading plate depends on the unloading force, and the material thickness is the main consideration. With the increase of the elastic force of the elastic element for the mold (such as the rectangular spring), the unloading force of the elastic unloading plate is greatly enhanced. Metal stamping parts are the forming and processing methods that apply external force to plates, strips, pipes and profiles by means of presses and molds to produce plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain workpieces (stamping parts) of required shape and size.
  • How to solve the problem of springback and cracking of automotive stamping parts?

    2022-08-30 08:55:15
    The quality inspection of automotive stamping parts shall meet the following requirements: smooth surface, clear ridge lines, sufficient rigidity and dimensional stability, and no wrinkle, scratch, roughening and other defects.
  • How to repair the damage of automobile sheet metal parts and body type vehicles?

    2022-08-23 08:53:37
    The damage of the front part of the automobile sheet metal parts is caused by the head of the vehicle hitting another vehicle or other objects. The impact force depends on the vehicle weight, vehicle speed, impact object and impact area. If the collision is small, the bumper will move backward, causing bending and deformation of the front side member, bumper seat, front fender, radiator support and engine hood lock pillar.
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